The Show

Final Descent Outdoors is a faith-based show with the goal of reaching outdoorsmen with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Every episode is closed with a scripture and devotional thought challenging men to be better husbands, fathers, and overall challenging them to be men of God.

Final Descent Outdoors is in over 40 million homes across the country on the Pursuit Channel.  As a basic channel for all Dish (channel 393) and Directv (channel 604) customers, we are able to reach millions of outdoorsman every year.

Here is a few of the hundreds of emails we receive yearly about the shows impact.


“I was challenged today by your show as you talked about priorities.  God and my family have become secondary to me and today after watching the show I want that to change.  On behalf of my wife I want to say thank you because she is getting her husband back and on behalf of my kids who are getting their father back.  I’m going to church this Sunday as well.  Thanks for your message.” 

–Jeff, Indiana. 

“It’s so good to see Christians speaking out for God on TV.  I just watched your show and I really enjoyed it.”

-Betty, Mississippi

“I just got out of prison for some stupid choices I’ve made and I’m battling depression.  I feel like I’ve screwed my life up so bad.  I watched your show today and I feel like God is telling me He does have a plan for my life. Thank you for being bold and talking about God.  I needed this.

 – Paul, Florida 

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Watch this testimony from Final Descent Outdoors staffers Jason Cariker and Joe Dansby as they share about the power of prayer!